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Over the past ten to fifteen years, the entire definition of a scooter has changed dramatically. Originally made popular by Razor, scooters became the go-to toy for children to ride around the neighborhood. Scooters have morphed into exciting and challenging rides for a wide range of people. Today, scooters are used in a variety of ways, providing a challenge for riders on the street or in parks.

With the transition from a kids toy to an exciting action sport, comes a wide range of information, products, tips, tricks, and rad videos to watch. So if you are new to the world of pro scooters, where is the best place to start learning about all you need to know? The internet, of course! Pro Scooter Websites provide information on building, riding and servicing all styles of scooters. Here at The Vault Pro Scooters, we have painstakingly researched the best brands, canvassed our customers for the type of information they want to access, and have brought some of the best riders in the business to our pro team, in order to inform and entertain you right here on our website (be sure to check out our youtube channel, for the latest videos from The Vault team). 

Scooter websites provide information to help users determine what type of scooter best suits their needs. In the past, parents would simply pile the kids into the car, drive to the nearest big box store, and pick out the best looking scooter. Today, scooters are still available at big box stores, but no serious rider would consider them, as they simply do not meet the standards demanded for safety and performance now required. Pro Scooter Websites still offer a range of scooters, but even the less expensive models are generally regarded as being far safer than the mass produced models typically sold at major retail outlets. If you are looking at a more cost-effective scooter, check out our range of completes, which are set up with all the parts you need, and ready to ride with only a few assembly instructions to follow.

Once basic research is completed, seek out help in determining which scooter is most appropriate for your use. The professionals at pro scooter stores will help to determine the correct size scooter for each rider. Riding a correctly sized scooter will not only allow the rider to become more proficient, but it will be safer.

Since falling is a part of riding, minor injuries should be expected. Safety equipment is available for riders and should be a part of the scooter purchase. While nothing can prevent all injuries, the use of protective gear can significantly reduce the number and severity of injuries from falls.

Before attempting any tricks, seek out the advice of riding experts. Pro Scooter Websites provide videos to help learn how to perform different tricks safely. Visiting with experts at the shop can be invaluable when learning new stunts. These people have done it all and know what is takes to perform stunts safely (meet our team of pros here). They will also provide advice on how to buy or modify any scooter to make it perform the way riders want them to perform. Listening to their advice will help all riders learn faster and use their scooters safely.

Thanks for visiting The Vault Pro Scooters website. Happy shopping, and please hit us up if you have any questions, we are here to help!