Triad Fugitive Pro Scooter

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The Triad Fugitive is a remarkable scooter built for street riding. The T-Bars make for a very simple and clean look, while still keeping strength due to it being made out of 4130 Chromoly steel. The Fugitive is running SCS, which is the best compression system on the market! The one complaint that riders may have with SCS is that it is heavier due to the 4 bolt clamp, rather than a 2 bolt for HIC/IHC. But this complaint is dismissed by Triad because they used their Oath Cage Clamp which features cut-outs in the design to save on weight. The deck features square back ends, and two grind plates rather than a flat bottom. The cut out in the middle of the deck creates a well balanced, and light scooter deck. It also comes with Aluminum drop out reinforcements, which will prevent the dropouts from caving in when doing various grinds! If you are interested, click on the specifications to see more!
  • Weight: 9.56 lbs
  • Bar Width:23
  • Bar Height: 24.5 (26" in SCS)
  • Bar Material: Steel
  • Outer Bar Diameter: Standard
  • Inner Bar Diameter: Standard
  • Clamp Style/Model: Oath Cage SCS Clamp
  • Compression: SCS
  • Headtube Angle: 82.5°
  • Deck Width: 5.1"
  • Deck Length: 21.5"
  • Wheel Size: 110mm
  • Wheel Width: 26mm
  • Max Wheel Size: Up to 120mm
  • Level of Assembly: Easy
  • Tools/Hardware Included: Yes
  • Suggested “Skill” Level: Intermediate