Triad Extortion Aluminum Bars

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The Triad Extortion bar features a top tube that is designed to distribute the load evenly throughout the bars for extra strength! These bars come in at 26.5” tall x 23” wide. These are aluminum bars, so they are going to be oversized on the outer diameter, and standard on the inner diameter. These bars are perfect for an IHC set up!

The Triad Extortion bars are one of the strongest aluminum bars on the market. They feature a top tube that is designed to distribute the load evenly throughout the bars which helps make the bars extremely strong. Usually when you sacrifice strength for weight reduction, but the Extortion bars are the exception! 

The Extortion bars are for the riders who are looking to reduce the overall weight of their pro scooter with aluminum bars, but still want the strength that will handle anything you throw at it. They are great for all skill levels, whether that be entry level, or pro! The smaller, younger rider will benefit from a lighter bar such as this because it will be easier for them to maneuver, which makes tricks much easier to learn. Experienced, or Pro scooter riders will love these bars because they will give them more maneuverability with the weight reduction, but will not sacrifice strength. 

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  • Material - Aluminum (7 Series aluminum giving less flex and more strength than standard aluminum bars)
  • Weight - 1.98
  • Width - 23" 
  • Height - 26.5"
  • Outer Diameter - Oversized
  • Inner Diameter - Standard
  • Stock Compression compatibility - IHC, MINI HIC
  • Shape/Profile - Y bar
  • Slit: Yes
  • Any Bar end restrictions - NONE