Triad Diablo Deck

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This unique deck from Triad features all new technology that makes it amazing. Not only is it boxed for better grinds, but it is weight friendly, coming in at 3.8 pounds! This deck features a new design featuring integrated wheel spacers in the rear dropouts! This deck comes with an 83 degree headtube angle and a size of 5.1” x 22”!

This deck is for the rider who prefers the maneuverability of a smaller width (below 5.5-6.0"), they don't need the extra width because they're locking into every grind they attempt.

Make sure you click the “specifications” tab to learn more.

  • Weight - 3.85 lbs
    Material - Aluminum
  • Length - 22"
    Width - 5.1"
  • Foot Space - 16.92"
  • Headtube Angle - 83
  • Axle size Compatibility - 8mm ONLY
  • Wheel Diameter Compatibility - 100mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mm
  • Wheel Width Compatibility - 24mm, 28mm (Spacers included!)
  • Peg Compatibility - Front pegs are okay, NO back pegs!
  • Radix/12 STD compatibility - NO
  • Headtube cut-out - YES
  • Griptape included - YES
    Hardware/Brake included - YES