Titen professional scooter bearings is built with equal weight given to the three most important attributes that work together to make the highest quality scooter bearing – Speed, Precision and Durability. Titen bearings are made of super hard carbon steel and are specifically designed to withstand huge gaps and maintain their performance after months of riding. All bearings feature sealed metal shields which provide protection from wet and dusty conditions. Now with grease lubrication instead of oil which significantly extends the lifetime of the bearings. Titen bearings are using Viscoseal grease which is specially developed for outdoor use. The grease is dispersed to the outside through the rotation of the bearings and seals off all cracks and openings. This effectively prevents dust and dirt from entering and results in a much longer lifetime and speed. Titen is the bearing choice for Pro Rider Zig Short. To young to die, to fast to live!

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