Looking for Pro Scooter Parts?

You’ve come to the right place! The Vault Pro Scooters has one of the biggest selections of pro scooter parts in the country. All of your favorite brands are available, in stock and ready for you.

Want to create a custom pro scooter?

Most experienced riders avoid the completes, preferring instead to pick out kick scooter parts and create a totally custom scooter. But if you’re a little unsure of things don’t worry – we’re staffed 100% by experienced pro scooter riders, and all of our team members are happy to walk you through everything on the phone.

If you’re not that experienced with customizing you might know that some kick scooter parts only work with certain other types of kick scooter parts, but you might not know which parts go with which. For example, standard bars are preferred with the use of SCS compression, but you can also use oversize bars if the particular SCS that you choose is compatible with oversize. The Proto SCS (not the Baby SCS), TiLT SCS, Apex V3 and Sacrifice Sniper SCS compression systems all come with a shim which makes them compatible with both standard and oversized bars.

Ready to change things up?

Changing out pro scooter parts is a fast and easy way to make your scooter “new” again – whether you’ve got a fully customized scooter or you started with a complete and now you want to turn it into a custom pro scooter. You can go for the latest deck, change up your wheels or headsets to a different color, and keep up with the latest scootering trends. If you’ve been focusing on street riding, maybe it’s time to give park riding a try. Switch to a shorter deck and bar and you’ll be good to go.

Riding with broken or warn-out pro scooter parts can be dangerous.

If you’re like most pro scooter riders, you like to ride hard and ride often. Which means your scooter probably takes a beating. Even the highest quality pro scooter parts don’t last forever. And the reality is, riding with worn out or broken scooter parts just isn’t safe.

How can you tell when it’s time to buy new parts? Closely examine your scooter. It’s time to buy new parts when you see any of the following:

  • Wheels – Are they still round, or do they have warn, flat spots or a square-ish look to them? Are they cracked? Are any of them missing chunks from their polyurethane hub? Is the polyurethane hub starting to separate from the rest of the wheel?
  • Bars (Handlebars) If the handles are bent, or you have grown taller so that the bars are now too short for you, it’s time to buy new ones.
  • Ball Bearings (Wheel Bearings)These usually need to be replaced fairly often. Are they starting to squeak or make a lot of noise? Do they look sandy or dirty? Is your wheel spinning smoothly?
  • Grip Tapes If the tape has become smooth (so that it no longer has a lot of grip) it’s time for a replacement. Keep a close eye on this, because it’s a key safety issue that riders often forget to watch out for.
  • Handlebar Grips These should always be very “grippy.” Once they get warn out it’s easy to fall because there’s nothing grippy to keep your hands on the scooter.
  • Bar Ends These are the pieces that go on the end of the handlebars, where the handlebar grips are. If they break or fall off, replace them immediately. They’re not just there to keep the bars from getting damaged (although that’s important, too). The bar ends keep you from getting impaled on the bar during a fall.
    Many serious riders always upgrade to high-quality aluminum bar ends, to replace the plastic bar ends that come with many bars.
  • Decks Look for cracks, grinded-off edges, or the type of problems that happen when the head tube gets smashed in at the spot where the bearings go.
  • Brakes If your brake snaps, replace it immediately.
  • Clamps These get changed every time you change out or replace your compression.
  • Forks Different forks have different compression, so if you change your compression and set-up you’ll need to change out your fork, too. Otherwise, just look for the obvious: if your fork breaks, replace it.
  • Pegs Pegs are optional, so if your pegs break you don’t have to replace them right away.

Not sure if your pro scooter parts need replacing or not? Give us a call. We’re here for you.