Lucky Scooter Parts

Lucky Scooter Parts started as a small company in 2009 in the garage of Sammamish Washington resident Brian Jeide. His son rode scooters and Brian thought it be awesome to make parts. After going to the skate park and giving parts to the local kids he turned Lucky into a full fledged company. A few months later Brian decided to quit his day job and focus 100% on Lucky. Lucky was known for being one of the dominating street teams when they released Opus in 2011. From their legendary riders, to top of line decks, completes, components, and fairly advanced clothing line, Lucky is it! In 2012 Dakota Shuetez started riding for Lucky. Dakota is known for winning just about every competition he goes to and he even was featured on the Ellen show for scootering! Lucky is known for being one of the most diverse pro scooter companies offering many different complete scooters as well as their classic parts such as the SMX forks.

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