Lucky Covenant Complete

  • Lucky Covenant Complete
  • Lucky Covenant Complete
  • Lucky Covenant Complete
  • Lucky Covenant Complete

Lucky Covenant Complete

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The Lucky COVENANT Pro Scooter  

The ideal aftermarket scooter for your next double backflip. The Covenant has been tested in the park and in the streets and then tested some more and it passed with flying colors. You will be the coolest kid at the park if you're on a Covenant.

You know how sometimes you get so excited about something that you can’t even speak. That’s how we feel about the Covenant. What isn’t new on this scooter? We’ve put 110mm Toaster wheels on it (previously only available in 100mm), newly designed SILO bars, and the INDY fork that has the ability to fit 120mm. The way the fork sits flush with the headtube gives off the look of something truly special. And that NeoChrome, WOW. It’s a like piece of candy we just want to eat more and more of… (Warning: deck and scooter are not edible).

If you’re looking for the best park oriented scooter to fill your needs as a rider, the Covenant is calling your name. From the reinforced parts to the ultra-light weight of the complete this is the ideal scooter for the biggest and gnarliest park tricks.

Flip the scooter over and you’ll be trippin at how good the deck graphics look. We not only wanted to make the scooter amazing but we wanted to have the best graphics in the industry and we achieved that by working with local Northwest artist, Shogo Ota.


  • Bar Height/Width: 
    23.5" x 22" (596 x 558mm) OVERSIZED
  • Bar Material : 
  • Slit: 
  • Compression: 
    Aluminum HIC
  • Headset: 
  • Fork Max. Wheel Size : 
  • Fork Material: 
  • Deck Length/width: 
    20.5" 4.5" (520 x 114mm)
  • Deck Foot Space: 
    14.5" (368mm)
  • Deck Max. Wheel Space: 
  • Wheels: 
    110mm Metal Cores
  • Overall Weight : 
    8.8 lbs.
Size chart
Wheel size
Deck length
Deck width
Handlebar height
Head tube angle
Handlebar width



LOVE THIS SCOOTER! This is my first scooter and I am about 5 ft 10 in and it rides like a dream. I know it is nice for a first scooter but I needed one that was going to fit me and hold up me 150 lbs. And so far it has done a great job. When I'm at the skatepark park everybody compliments me that it looks sick (I got the raw color) and that's it's super dope. I also love the scooter community! I come from bmx and scooter riders are so much cooler and nice! They teach me new things and if you are afriad of being made fun of...just embrace it. I walk up to bmx riders and I'm like hey, you think scooters are and blah blah and start saying the stereotypical scooter rider and their like yea I think it's blah blah and I'm like ohe that's cool. Lol but cool scooter rides well and looks cool. Would defenition but again and recommend

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