District ICS Compression System

  • District ICS Compression System

District ICS Compression System

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The District ICS compression system kit is designed for district ICS forks and for standard size steel bars or aluminum bars. The starnut is 1 1/4" size with the bolt being a 5mm allen head. The starnut must be installed into the bars and the bolt is fed up from the bottom of the fork and runs to the top of the fork where the head of the bolt will cap at the top of the fork steering tube. You will need a fairly long 5mm allen wrench to be able to feed the bolt through the fork tube to properly tigten the bolt into the starnut. To gauge the depth of space the starnut must be installed into the bars, measure the amount of the fork which sticks out after the headset and fork are in place. Measuring from the top of the dust cover to the end of the fork, that measurement plus 1/4 inch will be the sufficient amount of room necessary to ensure the fork can fully enter the bars and have enough room for the compression bolt to fully feed into the starnut. Please note this ICS system is not meant for ethic forks which run the ICS 10 system which requires it own specific compresion bolt and starnut.

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