Complete Scooters, Ready to Ride

Not just for beginners

Complete scooters, also known as “completes,” are great for beginners. Just like the name implies, you get a complete kick scooter with everything you need to hit the street, skate park or dirt and start scootering. But complete scooters are not just for beginners. Today some completes are up to par for more advanced riders, but less expensive than creating a custom scooter from scratch.

Big selection of complete scooters

At The Vault we’re known for our incredible selection – in completes as well as in parts. We carry complete scooters from all of the major brands, including:

  • AO –AO completes are designed mainly for street riding. Check out the built-in grind plate on the bottom!
  • Crisp – Relatively new to the U.S. market, Crisp completes are a little lighter weight and great for park riding.
  • District – Made for both park and street scootering, District is one of the lightest complete scooters that we sell. District uses ICS compression that weighs in at under a gram.
  • Envy – The Vault carries two of Envy’s completes: The King of Spades and the Prodigy. King of Spades is the higher-end model. It has a cut out in the front of the deck, the new Envy SOB fork, 110 wheels, a 4-bolt clamp and ICS compression. The Prodigy is designed for a less advanced rider. Prodigy comes with 100 mm wheels, a 2-bolt clamp, and no cut-out on the deck.
  • Fuzion - We feature all of Fuzion’s new, revamped designs for this year. The Vault carries the full Fuzion line ranging from Z250, the perfect entry level scooter, to the Z375, the perfect upgrade for the experienced pro rider. Fuzion Design: “From The Ground UP”
  • Grit – Perfect for first-timers, we carry Grit’s lower-budget, entry-level complete scooters. These have threaded compression, which is similar to what you’ll find on a traditional Razor scooter.
  • Lucky – Lucky is the high-end brand associated with one of the best Pros in the world today, Dakota Schuetz. One of the Lucky completes that we carry is the Crew. This is Lucky’s entry-level scooter. Because of the high quality of the parts used, Lucky Crew is one of the best completes on the market at its price level.
  • Madd Gear – One of the biggest companies in the pro scooter world, Australia-based Madd Gear sponsors some of the most recognized pro scooter teams in the world. Ryan Willians, Collin Dasilva, Terry Price and Matty Ceravolo all compete on Madd Gear-sponsored teams.
  • Sacrifice – We generally recommend Sacrifice completes for riders who have been in the sport a while and know exactly what they want. The Sacrifice System-X Complete is one of the strongest and lightest completes available. It’s got SES compression and is made with higher-end parts.
  • Phase Two – The Vault carries Phase Two’s dirt scooter, the Phase Two John Radtke, which is one of the best on the market today. We also have additional tubes and tires for sale, because these parts often pop on rough dirt terrain.

Need help?

Remember, all of our staff members are pro scooter experts. If you need help deciding which complete kick scooter to buy, stop by or give us a call. We’re here for you.