2014 EPIC Deck

  • 2014 EPIC Deck
  • 2014 EPIC Deck
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    2014 EPIC Deck
  • 2014 EPIC Deck
  • 2014 EPIC Deck

2014 EPIC Deck

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The Epic deck is the culmination of many years of hard work and research and development. Nick Darger spent a year in Solidworks designing many different models that will never see the light of day. This long game of trial and error lead to a result that yielded the proper weight distribution and strength. The Epic Deck has been built from the ground up to offer balance and reliability. We offer this deck in many lengths to accommodate more riders and disciplines. The lengths we offer are – 19.5”, 20”, 20.5”, and 21”. The deck comes in the most common width, 4.5”. After years of trends and research we have concluded that 4.5” wide is the most preferred and comfortable width for a scooter deck. This deck was designed with one goal in mind, to be the last deck you will ever need.

This deck has been in design and testing since late 2012. It includes many subtle features that make it one hell of a deck. We will focus on the deck extrusion first, the part you stand on. Just like all of our products, it is made here in America with utmost respect to quality and craftsmanship. The extrusion was designed to use the geometry to add strength and help with grinds. The bottom features 2 very small angled cuts on the outsides. These act as a skid plate when grinding rough surfaces. They help you slide up and over any rough chunks on ledges or rails, keeping your tricks smooth and consistent. The concave on the bottom helps with 3 things. When combined with the concave on top, they create 2 arcs, which allow for a very high top load and prevent bending. Also, the concave at the front creates a groove to help catch coping and ledges on smith grinds and overcrook grinds. Last, the concave helps lift the welds and hide them from grinds, which increase longevity. Last, we have a series of cuts on the bottom to reduce weight in the rear and balance the deck. They include a series of X brace bridges to yield the same strength as a deck with a solid bottom.

The front includes a grind plate, this reinforces the wide extrusion and helps make smith grinds, noseblunt slides and overcrook grinds smooth. Our gooseneck is extruded and cut into the shape of an I beam, one of the strongest shapes. It features windows and slots cut in each side for weight reduction and looks. Our logo is subtly engraved in the top. The deck and the gooseneck are tied together in the strongest way possible. It is TIG welded all the way around on top. And on the bottom the 3 vertical rails in the I Beam are ran through 3 slits in the deck and welded. This prevents a hole on the bottom, eliminating a weak point. It also adds an extra area to bond to the deck, increasing strength. The headtube is the standard 4.25” tall, meaning most setups will work perfect without the use of spacers.

The rear features very fat drop outs to help lock into pegless ice pick grinds and feebles. The deck is boxed to help with stalls and 50-50 grinds. The deck includes grade 8 hardware, 2 steel spacers, and a TSI Curved Flex Fender. We chose to partner up with TSI because they already have the best brake in the game. It is made with a superior spring steel, curved so your wheels don’t wear down flat, and can be adjusted to fit 100-110mm wheels snugly.

  • Made in the USA
  • TIG Welded
  • Integrated Headtube
  • 4.5" Wide
  • 19.5", 20", 20.5", 21" Lengths
  • Made from 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Heat Treated for strength and stiffness
  • 82.5 degree Head Angle
  • Curved Flex Fender Brake Included
  • Foot space - 19.5"=14" - 20"=14.5" - 20.5"=15" - 21"=15.5"
  • Wheelbase with standard 10 offset forks - 19.5"=22.75" - 20"=23.25" - 20.5"=23.75" - 21"=24.24"
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