SCT USA Hardware Kit

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The SCT USA Hardware kit is the ultimate hardware kit to make sure you are ready to keep shredding no matter what happens.

SCT USA  Hardware Kit. Includes Axles: 1.25x45mm, 1.25x50mm, 1.25x55mm, 1.25x60mm, 1.25x70mm, 1.25x80mm. Clamp Bolt: 1.0×20 (2), 1.0×30 (4), 1.0×35 (4). Axle Nylon/Lock Nuts m8x1.25mm (6). Compression Bolt 1.0x40mm. Star Nut m6x1.0 23 STL and m61.0 29 STL. Headset Spacer 5mm, 10mm. Thin Flat Washerm5x10 (12). Axle Spacers 8mmx10mm (2). Brake Nylon/Locking Nut m5x0.8. D01 5mmx10mm Brake Screw. 5/16” 10mm Brake Flat Washer. Assorted Scoot Stickers. Scoot Abec 7 Bearings (4)