Root Industries Invictus Afterburner Bar

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The Root Invictus bars got a face lift, now coming in Root's Afterburner colorways! The Invictus bar is made of aluminum, so they are ideal for riders who want something that will make their scooter lighter, but who do not want to pay way more for titanium bars. They also feature Root's 'HMA', or High Modulus Alloy, which is a variant of 6061 aluminum that is identical in weight, yet 50% stronger. The Invictus only comes in one size and can only fit SCS compression if the slit is removed or if a bar adapter is purchased, or IHC in its stock form.
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs
  • Width: 23"
  • Height: 24"
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Outer Bar Diameter: Oversized
  • Inner Bar Diameter: Standard
  • Stock Compression compatibility: IHC
  • Stock Slit: YES, 1.5" long
  • Shape/Profile: Y-Bar