Root Industries AIR Deck - Shaun Williams Signature

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Shaun’s signature pro scooter deck features Root’s flat bottom, which promotes catch free grinds, and rounded drop outs which gives riders a bigger lock in point for 5-0s. The back end of the deck also features a one tool system where the deck end holds the nut still, while you tighten the other side with an allen key. If you have a similar system in your fork, one allen key will be able to completely take apart your scooter!

Shaun Williams. Known in the industry for his photography as well as skill in scootering and flowing creativity. From scootering, to photography, Shaun home of many diverse talents. Originally from Norfolk island, Shaun’s beautiful signature deck features a sunset, as well as the Norfolk pine - a staple on the island’s flag. Shown by Shaun’s side is his device of choice in his daily endeavors, his DSLR camera. 

  • Weight - 4.2 lbs
  • Material - Aluminum
  • Length - 21"
  • Width - 5.1"
  • Foot Space - 13.8"
  • Axle size Compatibility - 8mm ONLY
  • Wheel Diameter Compatibility - 100mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mm
  • Wheel Width Compatibility - 24mm (You are able to run 30mm, but you will have to run wheels are 30mm at the urethane, but 24mm at the bearing. Or modify spacers to fit all around 30mm wheels)
  • Peg Compatibility - Front pegs YES, back begs NO
  • Headtube cut-out - YES
  • Griptape included - NO
  • Hardware/Brake included - YES (Vertical 2 bolt pattern, top mounted brake)