Riptape "Catchy" Fingerboard Tuning Set - Uncut

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Riptape Tuning Set Slim & Catchy 
Our classic Riptape is no longer alone! A new riptape has been added to the product line: Riptape – Slim & Catchy! While the classic version is tough the new version is a little softer! It is up to your personal preferences to see if you prefer the classic or the new version! 
The Riptape – Slim & Catchy is only available as a uncut version! Perfect for all sizes of Fingerboards.

This foam griptape is slightly softer than the Classic version, and is a finer texture which allows for a more reactive griptape.

Package content: 3 sheets of riptape (uncut & 38mm wide), sticker sheet & instruction

In case you clicked on this by mistake, we want to be clear. This product is meant to be used on fingerboards. You know teeny tiny skateboards for your fingers. NOT full size skateboards.