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Pro Team Rider - The Vault
January 5, 1993. Corona, CA.

Nick Donatelli is a true OG in this sport. He has been riding for a little over ten years. You might know him for his big gaps and tricks he throws down in the streets. Once being apart of the orignally Lucky Scooters squad he went on from there to ride for Epic Compotants and now he is apart of the stacked AO Scooters team. Nick was not a new name to us here at The Vault. He's been friends with some of our riders for years and it just seemed right to put him on the team when the oppertunity came. He adds to the depth of gnarly street riders we have on our team. When Nick isn't out riding he enjoys going on long hikes, playing soccer with the homies, playing pool and skating. Even though Nick is from California he is a huge Pittsburgh sports fan. He loves burritos. Make sure to go follow him on instagram @theedonatelli. We are stoked to have Donatelli apart of The Vault family! 

Current Setup

Proto Space Deck
My Sig Affinity gold bars
Hella Grip "Broadway" Grips
Grip Tape
Hella Grip Formula G
Proto SCS
McGould River Wheels
Proto Bearings
AO "A" Model Fork


Who are your current sponsors?

Riding for Affinity, HellaGrip, and The Vault

What is your local park?

Santana and 6th St.

Worst injury you suffered from riding?

Getting nailed by a car was pretty rough. Left me with some gnarly road rash that ended up scabbing my entire top side of my right arm and my shoulder

Favorite Trick?

Front side 360 whips, decade and whip to bars

Best experience you had on your scooter?

Driving out to San Diego with the whole squad BasedPosse for the Scooter Farm Street Jam. Having no place to stay or any idea what we were getting into. We just wanted to shred and have a good time. First night there was the AO warehouse party, we were about to leave and just cash out on the beach but somehow found a motel for hella cheap. Rode the jam the next day and killed myself on that 18. But definitely best trip I've been on yet.

Choice of beverage?

Coronas and HighLifes

Dream Trip?

Going on tour throughout Europe would be ill. Hitting China up would be tight too.

Best part about riding?

Just mobbing as fast as I can. Whether it's bombing a hill, towards a gap or just pumping a bowl. No better feeling

What video part has you hyped right now?

Logan Fullers new video that's about to drop. 


GTLI DVD: Nick Donatelli
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