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December 30 1993. La Harba, Ca

Matt Grippi is a name you might have not heard of very much. Which is a bummer if you haven't because this dude is a shredder. Hailing from La Harba, California Matt grew up riding with folks like Vault homie Stefan Hefner and Vault team rider Tyler Wheeland. Riding for 9 years Matt as been apart of the constant growth this sport has gone through. Matt moved to Boise, Idaho in 2009 and is said to of helped jumpstart the scene of scooter riding in Boise. After moving back to Southern California in 2014 Matt started riding for homie owned Source Scooters (RIP). Matt got on The Vault in the summer of 2015, he's been a friend of The Vault's team manager for awhile and when it was time to add some fresh meat to the team Matt was someone we could definitely not pass up on. Matt has one of the best riding styles in the sport, he makes everything look flawless. Matt has traveled to places like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Denver and Phoenix just to go on scooter trips. He also recently took his first Vault team trip up to Woodward West over the summer of 2015, where he helped stacked an awesome amount of good footage that you can see on our Woodward West edit on our YouTube account. When Matt isn't out riding he enjoys traveling, learning and going camping. While living in Boise, Matt got his associates degree from the College of Western Idaho. We are very excited to have Matt apart of the team and make sure you guys keep up with Matt because his riding is something you do not want to miss out on. 

Current Setup

Phoenix ION Deck 5 Wide
Affinity XL Bars
Tilt Continental Grips
Proto baby SCS
Tilt Tomahawk
River Flash Floods
Grip Tape
Black Grip Tape


Who are your current sponsors?

The Vault Pro Scooters and River Wheel Co

What local park do you ride?

La Habra, CA skatepark aka "La Bonita"

What is the worst injury you have suffered while riding?

Broken ankle

Favorite trick?


Best experience you had because of riding scooters so far?

Best experience i had bc of scootering is definitely the trip to the 2015 Chicago Street jam in the TGE van

Favorite rider growing up?

Coedie Donovan

What video part are you hyped on right now?

The entire Anthem II DVD

Choice of beverage?

Unbound Energy

Best part about riding?

Reaching high velocities and ascending into the air


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