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Pro Team Rider - The Vault
December 1 1997. Livermore, CA

Jake Sorensen is one of the best overall riders in the game. He seriously kills it. If you take him to a skate park he will probably do something crazy on every obstacle there. The flow he has in insane. He can flow any skate park you take him to. His riding is mesmerizing, it draws you in and you cannot look away. Recently we flew Jake to Arizona to meet up with some of The Vault crew on a trip and he probably stacked the most footage out of everyone on the trip. As a filmer you need to take the camera out and just start following him because he will do something crazy out of no where and you don't want to miss it. Jake is 17 soon to be 18 years old. He's from Livermore, California which is just east of San Francisco. He is currently a senior in high school getting ready to graduate. He has been riding since 2007. Last year Jake got his own signature color way of the classic Hella Grip grip tape and a signature jacket to go with it. He has traveled to places like Seattle, San Diego, Denver, Phoenix and Chicago for several scooter trips and street jams. We are hella hyped to have Jake apart of The Vault family. Make sure you guys keep your eyes on Jake, you don't want to miss out on anything he does. We guaranette he will blow your mind. 

Current Setup

Proto deck w/ TSI brake
Proto Classic Slayers
Hell Grip Grips
Proto SCS
Tilt headset
TSI Vandelle Fork
Proto gripper wheels
Proto and Tilt pegs
Grip Tape
Hella Grip


Who are your current sponsors?

Hella Grip, Proto, and The Vault

What is your local park?

Sunken Gardens in Livermore,CA

What is the worst injury you have suffered while riding?

sprained ankle

Favorite Trick?

Double peg or boardslide

Best experience you've had because of riding scooters?

Chicago Street Jam 2015

Favorite rider(s) growing up?

Elmer Ferreiras and Matt Mckeen

What video part are you hyped on right now?

Logan Fuller & Friends L.H.S raw

Choice of beverage?

Cream Soda

Best part about riding?

street jams and film trips


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