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Derek Seay is a Pro Scooter Rider hailing from the blazing desert of Phoenix, Arizona. He's been riding for almost seven years. When he's not riding he's either hitting the books at school, riding his bike, or working on his car. He's a hard working kid with lot's of history within the scootering community. He's traveled to places like Brazil, France, Switzerland, London and Canada to ride. We've had our eye on Derek for awhile now and we are very pumped to finally have him apart of the squad. Look out for some Vault X Derek Seay content coming out soon. If you ever wanna hit him up, feel free to message him on his social media, He's always down for a good conversation! 

Current Setup

Envy Jon Reyes AOSv4 Deck
Envy Thermal Bars
Envy V2 Grips
Envy SCS H Clamp
Envy Integrated Headset
Envy Declare SCS Fork
Envy 120mm Wheels


Who are your current sponsors?

Envy Scooters, SINA Clothing and The Vault Pro Scooters 

What is your local park?

Freestone skate park in Gilbert, Arizona. 

Worst injury you suffered from riding?

Just multiple rolled ankles. So frustrating. 

Favorite Trick?

Double Barspins for sure

Best experience you had on your scooter?

Touring across Europe for three weeks with the Envy team <3 

What video part has you hyped right now?

Nyjah Huston's "Fade to Black" part

Choice of beverage?

Dr. Pepper all day

Dream Trip?

Australia or Mars would be pretty sick

Best part about riding?

The friends and places it takes me. It's all been such a blessing. Never even imagined this growing up. 


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