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Pro Team Rider - The Vault
June 10 1996. Canyon Lake, CA

Corey is the other half of the Funk Bros. After being shadowed by his older brother Capron over the last few years Corey is starting to make a name for himself by winning several of the worlds biggest scooter contests in the last year. He is considered #1 in America by winning the ISA USA National Championship in 2015. And recently he just came home from winning first overall at the 2015 Scooter Hut Pro Series held in Melbourne, Australia. What sets Corey aside from other riders is his insane gaps and big airs. Corey can go to a park and send it over a gap that no one else would even consider doing. You want to know why you can ride your scooters at Woodward now? It is because his mom Kim fought tooth and nail to get scooters into camp. You might have had Corey has your counselor or instructor this past summer at PA or West. Corey has traveled all over the United States, UK, Barcelona and Australia. HIm and his brother Capron are the first two American riders for Apex Pro Scooters. Corey has been riding for a little over nine years. He bases his riding style off of gaps and flips, he tends to stay away from scooter flips and stuff like that to make his own style unique. When Corey isn't riding he enjoys going on adventures with his friends and finding new and exciting things to do. Corey has been in the industry for almost ten years, starting out as an annoying little kid Corey has grown up in the sport into one of the best riders in the world. He's a bit mature now to. 

Current Setup

Apex Deck
Apex Bol Bars
Apex Mono Clamp
Apex Quantum Fork
Apex Headset
Eagle Supply 110mm Spoked Wheels
Sacrifice Grips
Grip Tape
Apex custom grip tape
Tilt Six Shooters


Who are your current sponsors?

My current sponsors are Apex Pro Scooters, The Vault and Funk Bros. 

What local park do you ride?

My home park is AMR (Audie Murphy ranch) located in Sun City, CA

What is the worst injury you have suffered while riding?

The worst fall I've had is my dislocated ankle, fractured ankle and two torn ligaments. 

Favorite trick?

Whip superman and finding gaps. This tends to change often tho!

Best experience you had because of riding scooters?

When landing a new trick or gap and when I traveled to Australia and Barcelona

What video part has you hyped right now?

Brendon Smith web edit

Choice of beverage?

Guess..... and make sure it's sno-berry (Peacetea)

Best part about riding?

Finding gaps and making new friends all around the world!

Favorite riders growing up?

Codie Donovan, (BK) Brandon Kilburry, Shelby Grimnes


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