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Pro Team Rider - The Vault
July 10 1994. Vancouver, WA

Cooper is one of the original members of The Vault team. He has been riding almost 10 years. Cooper is from Vancouver, WA but is currently residing in Portland, OR providing some of the best riding spots and skate parks that you can sesh. Cooper is known for his steezy backlip slides. Give Cooper a good bowl and we guarantee he can session that thing for hours. He is easily one of the cleanest and smoothest riders out there. Cooper rides for Phoenix Pro Scooters. They made him his own signature bars, the Cooper Klaar bars, which are some of our best selling bars. Being on Phoenix as allowed Cooper to travel all over the place, he's been all over the US, France, Germany, Denmark, Spain and Switzerland. When asked about what he does outside of scootering he replied, "This is life". If Cooper is out riding, he probably out filming homies Dan Barrett or Ryan Upchurch or working on something new for Phoenix. He also has a pet cat named Betty. Cooper is truly an "OG" in the sport and we are really happy that he is apart of our Vault family. 

Current Setup

Phoenix Ion deck 5 x 22
Phoenix XL T bars
Raptor Grips
Phoenix Phase forks
Phoenix Smooth SCS
Phoenix Headset
Phoenix Wheels
Grip Tape
Hella Grip
TSI Cheddie fender


Who are your current sponsors?

Phoenix Pro Scooters, HellaGrip and The Vault Pro Scooters

What is your local park?

Technically Ed Benedict skate plaza, but I have a lot to choose from in Portland, OR.

What is the worst injury you have suffered while riding?

Thankfully only a broken ankle

Favorite Trick?

Lots of grinds

Best experience you've had because of riding scooters?

Just about every single one

Favorite rider growing up?

Too many to name, everyone that stuck with it

What video part are you hyped on right now?

Too many parts coming and going, I'd say a lot of the Flowto parts are pretty sweet though

Choice of beverage?

Water is alright

Best part about riding?

The freedom


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Cooper Klaar Welcome to The Vault Pro Scooters
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