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Pro Team Rider - The Vault
October 27 1995. Los Angeles, CA.

It is pretty safe to say that Arthur Plascencia is the face of The Vault Pro Scooters. Not only as a rider but also as an employee. Arthur was The Vault’s first employee after finding out that his local bike store was opening a scooter shop. He then became the general manager for a period of time before deciding he wanted more time to ride. He now serves as assistant manager. Arthur has been riding since the age of 13. He’s a West LA local and takes credit for helping build the scooter scene in West Los Angeles to how it is today. Arthur is one of the most versatile riders out, one day you might find him out at the skate park throwing flairs and other park like tricks then the next day you will see him out in the streets shredding a handrail. Being on the Vault has allowed Arthur to travel all over the state of California, Texas for the Austin Street Jam, Arizona, Ohio, and Vegas. Also, this past summer Arthur went up to Woodward West to serve as a visiting pro for two weeks. Arthur is one of the only US riders for UK based brand Elite Scooters. Arthur is all about the kids, he loves going on Ride Days to other skate parks to ride and hang out with the kids in hopes to inspire them to find the love for the sport that he has. Arthur is currently attending LA Trade Tech to become a certified welder to help bring his vision of scooter parts to real life in order to contribute to the industry outside of just riding. One thing Arthur wants the world to know is that he is a fully approachable human being; don’t be afraid to come say hi. Arthur is family to us and we are very proud to have him apart of The Vault. 

Current Setup

TSI Paramount Deck
Phoenix Cooper Klaar XL Bars
Tilt SCS
Tilt Issac Miller RIP
Black Grip Tape


Who are your current sponsors?

The Vault Pro Scooters, Zero Gravity

What local park do you ride?

Culver City skatepark, Westchester Skate Plaza, El Sequndo Skate Park and Rancho Skate Plaza.

What is the worst injury you have suffered while riding?

I was doing a back 50-50 at Culver and beefed it on my face knocking some of my teeth out.

Favorite trick?


Best experience you had on your scooter?

Getting to go to Ohio Dreams

Favorite rider(s) growing up?

Coedie Donovan and Matt McKeen

What video part are you hyped on right now?

The Tilt 2 Video. Jordan, Tom and Issac's parts in particular.

Choice of beverage?

Arizona Green Tea

Best part about riding?

Is riding. And seeing how far the sport as come.


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