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After winning best trick at the 2015 Seattle Street Jam and taking home some serious cash at the first annual San Diego Street Jam Andrew is considered one of the best up and coming street riders in the industry and is on everyone’s radar. After beating Arthur in a game of scoot back in 2014 we decided to put Andrew on the team knowing we had someone special. Andrew started riding scooters back around 2011 because he wanted to try something new. He was a little worried that it wasn't going to last long because he didn't have anyone to ride with, until he reconnected with an old friend who happened to ride as well. They started riding every day and have been going non stop ever since. After getting on The Vault Andrew has gotten to travel all around the US just to ride his scooter. He's been to places like San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Arizona and even New Mexico at only 16 years old. If Andrew isn't out riding he's probably at school preparing to graduate or out on a trip with his family and friends to ride dirt bikes. Other than that, all he does is ride. 

Current Setup

Flavor Deck
Affinity T-Bars
Flavor SCS
Tilt Integrated Headset
Tilt Jordan Jasa Prototypes
Tilt Six Shooters
Grip Tape
Flavor Grip Tape
Tilt Continental Grips


What are your current sponsors?

The Vault, Flavor Scooters, ADVCT

What is your local park?

Eucalyptus Park aka “The Dirty”

What is the worst injury you suffered while riding?

I don't know. I guess I would say the time I was riding this rail in El Segundo and ended up sacking super hard.

What is the best experience you have ever had on your scooter?

Probably the SF trip we took back in the summer of 2013, that was awesome. Also, getting to go to the 2015 Chicago Street Jam was cool to.

Dream place to travel to on a scooter trip?

Barcelona for sure!

What video part has you hyped right now?

I'm really stoked on that Parrish Isaacs PROTO Intermission part right now.

Your choice of beverage?

Purple Gatorade

Who is one of your favorite riders?

Cameron Poe

Best thing about riding in Los Angeles?

There are a lot of spots and the weather is pretty good all year round.


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