The Vault Team Riders

Current Setup

Ethic Pandemonium
Crisp SS3 Bars
Aztek Anthem Fork
Ethic Sylphe
Lucky Ten Wheels
Ethic Grips
Grip Tape
Hella Grip
Ethic Pegs


Who are your current sponsors?

Basique CPH and The Vault Pro Scooters

Where is your local park?

Ed Benedict Plaza in Portland, OR

What is the worst injury you have suffered while riding?

Worst injury I’ve suffered while riding has to be a severe concussion I sustained while riding at FDR in Philadelphia when I was 15. With the doctor being too pricy, I simply strapped on a helmet over the “squishy” knot on my head and kept moving for a successful rest of the day. After the swelling went down I realized I permanently have a flat spot on my skull from that fall.

Favorite trick?

Downside toothpick grinds

Best experience you had on your scooter?

It’s hard to only name one, but one of my favorites was stomping the Frontflip over Travis Pastrana’s backyard mega for a day filming with ESPN. I shot almost 60 feet over a sketchy vert wall that would’ve meant sure death if I came up short. Luckily, I got close the first go and landed it the second time around.

Favorite rider growing up?

I always loved Jessee Macaluso’s videos - the guy is legend.

Your choice of beverage?

If given correct supplies - Horchata or Chai Tea.

Best part about riding?

Being with all of your friends haring the same love for getting the blood pumping via bowl line or box run.

How did you get on The Vault?

After being by the shop a few times while on tour I knew I wanted to contribute to what was going on at The Vault. It was early 2014 that I joined the crew and have been loving’ the Vault life since!


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