Orange County

If you are into scooters for riding, gliding, Lipsliding or going Feeble, The Vault Pro Scooters carries complete scooters (AKA Completes), scooter parts, gear, and accessories! We are an Orange County pro scooter parts store that provides quality products at low prices. We even help our customers get started by providing a sizing chart, assembly instructions and maintenance tips. We can answer just about any question you may have, from beginner to advanced we know what you need.

When it comes to purchasing a professional scooter, we have pro scooters that are better valued and give you more for your money. If you want to start riding your scooter professionally, and perhaps taking things to the next level competing or showing off your skill, our scooters are dependable and trustworthy.

Complete Scooters with Free Shipping

The most popular items on our website are our Completes. We provide scooters that are fully configured and ready for use. The product arrives prepackaged at your home; you do not need to worry about putting it together. Our complete scooters are some of the lowest priced pro scooters on the market, and as an Orange County provider, we exceed the expectations of our customers. We continuously try to improve our business and provide a more satisfying experience. Free shipping is just one of the many ways that we give back to our customers, and make their lives better.

Scooter Parts, Gear, and Accessories

We would not be an Orange County pro scooter parts store if we did not carry scooter parts, gear, and all of the accessories that you need. We carry the best and widest range of scooter parts on the market. We also have scooter parts and gear from some of the biggest brands in the industry. Whether you want to trickout your scooter for stunts, or optimize it for long, smooth rides, The Vault Pro Scooters has the experience, parts, and accessories you need.