North Tomahawk 2020 Pro Scooter

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The 2020 version of the North Tomahawk has some of the best features ever seen on a complete. Including a 5.3" wide x 21.25" long deck, SCS compression, AND 30mm wide wheels. This thing is built for the streets, or for a bigger rider who wants a more comfortable ride.
  • Weight: 9.95 lbs
  • Bar Width: 22.5"
  • Bar Height: 24.5" (26" with SCS)
  • Bar Material: Steel
  • Clamp Style/model: North Hammer SCS
  • Compression: SCS
  • Deck Width: 5.3"
  • Deck Length: 21.25"
  • Wheel size: 115mm
  • Wheel Width: 30mm
  • Level of assembly: Easy
  • Tools/Hardware included: Yes
  • Suggested “Skill” level: Intermediate 

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