North Axe Double Clamp

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The Axe Clamp Features an all new design with a slimmer profile as well as 6mm M8 bolts and is a perfect clamp for anyone running a HIC or IHC Compression system. The Axe Clamp is full CNC Machined out of 6061 Aluminum, taking material out in all the right places allowing it to be extremely strong but remain lightweight. To ensure compatibility, the removable shim allows use with both standard and oversized size handlebars. Even with all these features, this is still one of the most affordable clamps on the market, making it a no brainer for people looking to upgrade their current clamp. Every clamp bolt from North comes with pre-applied anti-seize to prevent bolts from seizing to the clamp. 

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  • Weight: 3.1oz
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Build process: CNC'd
  • Clamp Bolt Head Size/Type: M8 ( 6mm)
  • Shim/Hardware included: Yes
  • Bar size compatibility: Standard and Oversized
  • Suitable Compressions: HIC, IHC, Mini HIC, TCS
  • Bolt count: 2