Nitro Circus R-Willy Official Pro Scooter - 540mm

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Nitro Circus was founded by friends with a passion for pushing the limits and having fun in the process. It’s this camaraderie and risk-taking spirit that defines everything they do. They continuously break boundaries in the name of innovation and adventure. The long-awaited Ryan Williams signature scooter is finally here! After years of designing and testing the R-Willy, Official Pro Scooter has been released in collaboration with Nitro Circus. Ryan Williams is without a doubt the biggest name in Action Sports touring the world none stop with Nitro Circus for the last few years performing insane, world record-setting tricks almost daily. The man from Australia is a machine and you can rest assured his scooter has been put through its passes at the Nitro Circus testing ground! 

  • Weight: 9.1 lbs
  • Total Height: 37.5 Inches
  • Bar Width: 25 Inches
  • Bar Height: 26 Inches
  • Bar Material: Aluminum
  • Outer Bar Diameter: Over sized
  • Inner Bar Diameter: Standard
  • Clamp Style/model: 4 Bolt
  • Compression: SCS
  • Deck Width: 5 Inches
  • Deck Length: 21.5 Inches
  • Wheel size: 120mm
  • Wheel Width: 28mm
  • Fits wheel size range: 110x24mm - 120x24mm
  • Level of assembly: Basic, just install the bars!
  • Tools/Hardware included: 5mm, 6mm, and a socket!
  • Suggested “Skill” level: Intermediate-Advanced


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