Lucky 2021 Covenant Pro Scooter

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The new Lucky Covenant is back and much better than before. Featuring Lucky AIRbars which are aluminum, a new Covenant deck which is square in the back to allow for easier lock into grinds, and 120mm wheels. Combine that with some familiar faces from the Lucky line of products such as the Huracan IHC fork, the tried and true Lucky Double Clamp, their smooth headset, and you get one nice pro scooter! Unlike the Covenant in the past, this scooter is very light! Coming in at only 7.6 lbs, it is definitely the weight of a park setup. But don't pin the Covenant into a box, as the square dropouts on the deck allows for any type of riding! This complete is something that you won't outgrow as your riding progresses. So if you're looking for a complete that is good enough for the pros to ride, but welcoming enough to let the newest riders prosper, look no further, because this it!
  • Weight: 7.59 lbs
  • Bar Width: 24"
  • Bar Height: 25"
  • Bar Material: Aluminum
  • Outer Bar Diameter: Oversized
  • Inner Bar Diameter: Standard
  • Clamp Style/model: Lucky Double Clamp
  • Compression: IHC
  • Deck Width: 4.8"
  • Deck Length: 20.5"
  • Wheel size: 120mm
  • Wheel Width: 24mm
  • Fits wheel size range: Up to 120mm
  • Level of assembly: Easy
  • Tools/Hardware included: Yes
  • Suggested “Skill” level: Beginner - Intermediate