Long Beach Pro Scooter Parts Store

Scooters are popular with kids of all ages. Smaller kids like the stability of having a handle to hold onto while they propel themselves around the neighborhood. As kids get older, they might get into performing scooter tricks or even competing. This is when it is important to have a quality scooter made by a wellknown manufacturer. When they begin competing or doing tricks on scooters, they might often upgrade parts. Again, make sure the parts that they purchase are reliable and wellmade.

At The Vault, we are the premier Long Beach Pro Scooter Parts Store and we carry the top brands of complete pro scooters as well as parts and accessories. Our inventory includes the most popular brands including Lucky, Envy, Madd Gear, Grit, Phase Two, AO, Sacrifice, Crisp, and District. We carry a wide range of parts and tools including wheels, brakes, clamps, bars and bar ends, grips and decks plus a whole lot more.

We carry the ultimate accessories including safety items like helmets, pads and gloves as well as apparel and footwear. Our customers know they can trust us to carry the best in completes, parts and gear. Our stores are conveniently located and open seven days a week. If you live out of town and can't get in to see us, we are just a phone call away. Check out our inventory online as we provide pictures and uptodate information and specifications on our inventory. If you buy a complete pro scooter from us, we will ship it at no charge. Our scooters come partially assembled and we provide detailed instructions on how to complete the assembly process once you get it home. Once you place the order, you can expect your scooter to be delivered in about a week. We will also ship parts and accessories.