Krom Jody Barton Kendama

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Krom Jody Barton Kendama 1.0000
Krom Jody Barton Kendama 1.0000
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KROM Kendamas has been in the industry of spreading love for kendamas since 2010, and is home to some of the best in the game. KROM's team is proof that despite language and cultural barriers, something as simple as a kendama can bring people together. Kendamas are so much more than a toy to KROM; they allow users to step away from an increasingly digital world and reconnect with people around us. KROM hopes that you're able to feel their passion and affection through the products they create. Be sure to check the specifications tab/photos to see the breakdown of the shape!

This collection kendamas has graphics designed by the UK based artist, Jody Barton. Jody is a an incredible artist, owns her own streetwear brand in Japan, and has worked with countless big names. If you would like to see the technical specs of these kendamas, please see the specifications tab. 

  • KROM AK shape
  • Super sticky LOL clear
  • Durable maple wood
  • Base cup warp hole
  • KROM bearing
  • Custom stickers
  • Mini poster & extra string
  • Design by Jody Barton & the KROM gang