Hella Grip XL Rev Grip Tape

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Hella Grip is a brand which started solely specializing with griptape. Based out of Northern California in the bay area, Hella grip was started by riders for riders. With the simple task in mind to provide the most sticky and adhesive griptape possible, the slang word "hella" is commonly used in the Bay area which led to naming the brand "Hella Grip" due to the fact the grip tape is "Hella" amazing and grippy. One of the best attributes of Hella Grip is their connection and involvement in the industry. Having personally met the guys behind the face of the infamous sloth, the homies which represent Hella Grip are brothers unlike others. Hella Grip strives to provide the best goods for the scooter community and have recently spanned out to wax, apparel, and their most recently release of the  Broadway grips. Make sure to support the best grip tape company in the scooter industry and buy a Hella Grip XL Rev  sheet or collect all of the additional models while they last and while contributing to a great group of guys!

New Size 7" x 24" 

  • Premium Quality Silicone-Carbide Grit Formula
  • Aggressive Weatherproof Adhesive
  • 6" x 24"