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Helmet Sizing

A helmet is a necessary item to have with you on all of your rides. It’s also important to have a helmet that fits well. So how do you size and pick a suitable helmet?

How to Measure Your Head

First, determine the circumference of the widest part of your head using a flexible tape measure. In most cases the widest part of your head is above the eyes and ears by about 1’’ (2.5cm). Even though this may be the widest part, we still suggest that you measure above and below that point to make sure you’ve identified the widest area before referring to our sizing chart. No helmet can provide proper protection if it is too uncomfortable to wear.

Next, choose the right helmet size based on your measurements according to the chart below:

  • Extra-Small

  • Less Than 20"

  • Less Than 51cm

  • Small

  • 20" - 21.75"

  • 51cm - 55cm

  • Medium

  • 21.75" - 23.25"

  • 55cm - 59cm

  • Large

  • 23.25" - 24.75"

  • 59cm - 63cm

  • Extra Large

  • More Than 24.75"

  • More Than 63cm

*If you are on the border between two helmet sizes, we advise you to choose the smaller size.

Get The Right Fit

A helmet should fit snugly but not painfully tight. As a general rule the helmet should not move around and should not lean towards the back of your head. A loose helmet is not only dangerous, but it can be fatal. It is also important to make sure the chinstrap is securely fastened; when fastened correctly, the helmet should not be able to be removed from your head.


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