Ethika Boys Boxer - White Tiger

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Ethika boxers have recently become the top and most preferred choice of underwear for not only athletes but also the everyday person performing their daily tasks. Ethika makes their briefs in mind to stay in place and not to rise and ride up like many other brands. Also keeping in mind how waistlines tend to stretch out over time, their elastic waistband ensures to keep them snug at all times. While out shredding its never fun getting a wedgy, so stop picking at your groin and grab some of these bad boys so they stay comfortably in place and to keep away from the unnecessary wedgies which are such a nuisance.  Even for common every day use these Ethika boxers will show you how comfortable and relaxing they can be compared to your normal boxers at home. Try one for yourself and you will truly understand what all the hype is about! 

Note: Ethika underwear are UNRETURNABLE.