Ethic Deildegast Bars 670mm

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For the Deildegast Bars Ethic really wanted to go beyond what they had been doing in the past technologically and on every other aspect.  The Deildegast is a really wide, flexible, solid and comfortable bar designed with an optimal geometry. For the first time in the scooter industry Ethic is using multibutted (7 thickness variations) coupled with a complete heat treatment to get a ligher, more resistant bar. The Deildegast Bars are one of Ethis DTC's most beautiful creations. This bar measures in at 26.75" tall x 23.75" wide and isSTANDARD sized. Weighing only 2.3 pounds, these bars will keep your scooter a solid one!

Standard steel bars compatable with ICS 10 only as is. Can be used with SCS if slit is removed. Can be used with IHC if 3.5" is removed from the height of the bars and a slit installed. 

*Once bars are altered in any way, there are no refunds nor exchanges.