Ethic 12 STD Aluminum Peg - 60mm

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Ethic 12 STD Aluminum Peg - 60mm 3.0000
Ethic 12 STD Aluminum Peg - 60mm 1.0000

We know a majority of you 12 STD riders love pegs and for the longest time there wasn't any out there. Ethic has finally released Steel and Aluminum 12 STD pegs that will fit perfectly on any of their 12 STD compatible decks. These guys are sold individually, and do NOT come with axles so make sure you pick up a couple here

Don't forget, these pegs are for 12 STD decks only. These will not work with the traditional 8mm axle.

​Make sure you click the "specifications" tab to learn more.

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Peg length: 60mm
  • Peg width: 34mm
  • Axle Diameter: 12mm
  • Hardware included: No
  • Sold as: Individually