Envy One Series 2 Complete Scooter

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One of the best selling entry-level scooters of 2016, the Envy One has recieved a few updates in this new 2018 s2 version. Just like last year's s1 model, this scooter features an industry standard integrated, sealed headset, 100mm metal core wheels, and light weight IHC compression. One of the most important updates from the s1 are the front end and dropout plugs that are now included to prevent bending of the deck caused by grinds. Also new for the s2 is an updated rear spacer system that prevent axle hole damage, and allow for ease of assembly. With the option of 5 different colors, this scooter is perfect for any beginning rider looking for their first pro scooter. 

  • Total height: 31.1"
  • Weight: 8.59 lbs
  • Bar Width: 20.5"
  • Bar Height: 21.7"
  • Bar Material: Steel
  • Bar Diameter: Standard
  • Clamp Style: Double
  • Compression: IHC
  • Fork Manufacturing Process: Stamped
  • Headtube Manufacturing Process: Welded
  • Headtube Angle 82.5°
  • Deck Width: 4.6"
  • Deck Length:  19.6"
  • Deck Foot Space: 14.7"
  • Wheel size: 100mm
  • Fits wheel size range: up to 120mm
  • Level of assembly: Easy