Eagle Sport 2 layer Hollowtech Snowballs 115mm Wheel

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The new Hard Line aluminum HollowTech 2-Layer core wheels. Made out of certified 6061 aluminum billet and machined into shape. Hand poured in Holland Urethane according our own developed formulas. Back are the old model names: Snowballs (raw and white), Panthers (raw and black), Sewercaps (black and grey) and new is the Team wheel (yellow and black). Also back is our unique 2-layer system, often copied but never equalled, what will give the user more rebound and more grip. EACH MODEL HAS A DIFFERENT HARDNESS FOR INDIVIDUAL CHOICES!

24mm wide 115mm tall

*Sold Individually, bearings included.

  • 115mm
  • 2 Layered Urethane
  • Bearings Included
  • Sold Individually