District C253 Pro Scooter

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   The C253 complete from District is a high quality pro scooter geared towards riders who are looking to progress. Nothing on this scooter will hold you back, whether you are learning your first tail whip, or if you're riding a mega ramp doing tricks normal riders could not even imagine. 

Make sure you click the "specifications" tab to learn more.

  • Weight: 7.05 lbs
  • Total Height: 35"
  • Bar Width: 22"
  • Bar Height: 25"
  • Bar Material: Aluminum
  • Outer Bar Diameter: Oversized
  • Inner Bar Diameter: Standard
  • Clamp Style/model: Double
  • Compression: IHC
  • Headtube Angle: 82.5
  • Deck Width: 4.75"
  • Deck Length: 21"
  • Wheel size: 120mm
  • Wheel Width: 28mm
  • Fits wheel size range: 100mm-120mm
  • Level of assembly: EASY
  • Tools/Hardware included: YES
  • Suggested “Skill” level: Beginner-Intermediate

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