Culver City

The long, warm seasons in Culver City California and the entire LA area make it the perfect spot
for outdoor activities, and the long, flat stretches, wide sidewalks and lazy residential streets also
make it perfect for kick scooters!

The Vault Pro Scooters has everything you need when it comes to scooters, from custom wheels to signature decks, clamps and any accessory you can think of! Envy, Bones, District, FSA Madd Gear and many more manufacturers make a huge range of parts that have gone through an extraordinary amount of engineering.

Scooters have come a long way from the simple devices they once were; new materials and modern manufacturing capabilities, as well as the coming of age of Xsports have advanced these machines for beyond what was thought possible even ten years ago.

The Vault Pro Scooter has the parts you need to turn your scooter into the customized machine you have dreamt of. We are the Culver City pro scooter parts store for everything from decks to gloves!

Of course, many people just like to cruise around on them there is no wrong way to use a scooter (OK, stay away from busy streets!). Not everyone is interested in doing stunts and trying to push the limits of themselves and their machines. A nice leisurely roll along the beach is all the reason anyone needs to enjoy a scooter. The compact nature of these great little modes of conveyance allows you to fold it up and store it in small places, so that does not become a bother when you arrive at your destination.

Perfect for jetting around a small neighborhood, or throw it in your car to do some serious rolling down the sidewalks that line the beaches, The Vault Pro Scooters has everything you need, from parts to Completes and everything in between!