Custom Build #178 - Robby Mier

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Robby Mier came into the shop the other day to build a beautiful custom build from the base of a MGP Vx7 complete scooter. Robby rode for MGP at the time and chose the Vx7 as a base because of its high quality and light weight nature. As a result, he built up a very unique looking scooter with a color scheme that you don't see very often, or ever for that matter. 

  • Grips:MGP VX7 Extreme
  • Bars:MGP VX7 Extreme
                   (24" Wide x 25" High)
                     (4.5" Wide x 20.5" Long)
  • Grip Tape: MGP VX7 Extreme
  • Fork:MFX Affray Fork (62)
  • Wheels: Root Indui