Madd Gear

Madd Gear is considered to be one of the world’s action sports leaders, hosting a 

team of some of the most talented riders on the planet, as well as action sports icon, 

Ryan Williams. Based out of Australia, Madd Gear was founded in 2002 and today, 

proudly supports professional teams of riders all around the world. The company 

has become best known for producing some of the lowest priced complete pro 

scooters on the market, which has opened up the world of high quality scooters to 

so many more young riders than ever before. This has significantly contributed to 

the acceleration of the already rapidly growing freestyle scooter world that we all 

know and love. 

Madd Gear strives to constantly innovate when it comes to the design of their 

products, which explains the need for international teams of riders. These riders 

report on the latest trends in the industry, as well as, provide product design input 

and testing. Madd Gear’s products are typically representative of past ideas that 

have been expressed by their riders, and later, implemented into the design process. 

The company also proudly supports a plethora of freestyle scooter events, camps, 

programs, and competitions around the world, which has helped to create new 

opportunity and possibilities within the industry. Madd Gear is certainly one of the 

big name brands that can be accredited for giving the sport of freestyle scooter 

riding much of the mainstream exposure that it receives today.