Brand Bio: Fasen Scooters | The Vault Pro Scooters

Fasen Scooters is a rider owned freestyle scooter brand that was initially established after Envy Scooters professional team rider at the time, Brendon Smith approached one of the world’s leading freestyle scooter manufacturers about a very innovative, new idea that he had. Brendon Smith, being one of the top professional freestyle scooter riders in the world, had an itching desire to create a brand that carried a much more mature and refined image in the freestyle scooter industry at large, which is precisely what he did. Utilizing his own original ideas, designs, and experiences from riding his scooter out in the field, Brendon Smith set out to create a line of products that would meet his very high demands. Fasen’s premium line of individual products, which include bars, forks, decks, clamps, grips, wheels, and apparel, along with their complete pro scooters, have all been thoroughly developed and tested for a number of years now, and been proven time and time again to handle even the utmost extreme conditions. Along with the remarkably talented Brendon Smith, Fasen Scooters also supports a full roster of team riders, including: Vincent Kudrna, Tommy Dang, Jara Soukup, and many more phenomenal freestyle scooter riders. The brand’s overwhelming desire to produce higher quality freestyle scooter components and complete pro scooters, along with their unorthodox approach to freestyle scooter design is certainly one of the major factors that sets Fasen Scooters apart from every other freestyle scooter brand in the industry today.