Brand Bio: Envy Scooters | The Vault Pro Scooters



Envy Scooters is currently one of the world’s leading manufacturers and designers of both freestyle scooter components and complete pro scooters, while also maintaining a very diverse freestyle scooter team chalked full of some of the most talented freestyle scooter riders in the world. Originally founded in the year 2009 in Melbourne, Australia, Envy Scooters has achieved a global status, and has active representation all over the world. The company’s team of designers all have years of experience in both the BMX and Skateboard industry, which has given them the upper hand when it comes to producing premium freestyle scooter components and complete pro scooters. Envy’s wide variety of remarkably innovative product designs, and groundbreaking technology has allowed them to stand out in a crowd amongst many of the other top freestyle scooter manufacturers in the industry. On top of that, their dedication to their team riders and the entire sport of freestyle scooter riding at large has created a multitude of brand new opportunities within the industry. Envy Scooters celebrates many of their most dedicated and influential team riders, such as Jon Reyes, Charles Padel, Warick Beynon, Flavio Pesenti, Raymond Warner, Max Peters, and Jessee Ikedah with their very own signature products, which has helped sculpt an entirely new industry standard for rider compensation. The brand has also made it a point to travel to many of the more untouched regions of the world, such as South Africa, to film and produce original freestyle scooter content. The tremendous attention to detail and overall production value that goes into all of their content is one of the major aspects of Envy’s brand that sets them apart from the rest.