The original concept behind Crisp Scooters was to establish a premium quality freestyle scooter brand that also offered a premium look to match. With that initial goal in mind, the Crisp Scooters production team set out to find the highest quality material and craftsmanship available, in order to design and manufacture some of most innovative freestyle scooter components and complete pro scooters in the entire freestyle scooter industry at large. Originally founded in the year 2011, Crisp Scooters first exploded on the freestyle scooter market with the release of the Crisp Ultima complete pro scooter in Silver and Black Chrome color options. The company’s full range of freestyle scooter components followed soon after the release of the Ultima, which is when the entire industry began to take notice. The response from the world of freestyle scooter riding was massive, and before Crisp Scooters knew it, they could no longer keep up with the overwhelming demand for their products. Today, Crisp Scooters remains as one of the top manufacturers in the freestyle scooter industry, and the brand also proudly supports full teams of scooter riders from several different continents, including: Australia, Europe, and North America. The vast majority of their team riders also just so happen to be some of most talented freestyle scooter riders on the planet, which is no simple feat to accomplish. With their global team roaster featuring some of the sport’s biggest names, such as Jon Devrind, Joe Armstrong, and Lewis Williams, it’s safe to say that Crisp Scooters is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the industry.