Alpha Omega Scooters | The Vault Pro Scooters

Alpha Omega Scooters, also commonly known as AO Scooters, is a freestyle scooter designer and manufacturer that was originally founded in the year 2012 in Vista, California. Alpha Omega is proud of their reputation as the very first freestyle scooter company to develop complete pro scooters that were specifically created for street style freestyle scooter riding. In fact, the brand’s entire marketing campaign is centered around the concept of urban exploration and street scooter riding. On top of that, Alpha Omega’s entire roster of very talented freestyle scooter riders, which includes some of the sport’s most reputable names, such as Cory Vanlew, Enzo Commeau, and Lambert Judith, are primarily considered to be more street oriented scooter riders, which only solidifies the brand’s general image in the industry. AO Scooters currently designs and manufactures everything from complete pro scooters all the way down to the individual scooter components that come together to create a complete pro scooter. Each and every single one of their products are designed with a certain degree of rider involvement and input, which allows them to develop some of the most innovative and high performance freestyle scooter components on the market, without any concern of whether or not their products will be tailored to satisfy a rider’s needs. AO Scooters also celebrates many of their professional team riders by supporting them with their very own signature products, which in turn helps these riders to continue doing what they love day in and day out. Based upon all of this information, Alpha Omega Scooters has certainly paved their own unique path in the sport of freestyle scooter riding, at large.