Zack Martin is at it again with a brand new edit. This time for his signature Hella Grip OG Sloth Series grip tape. Last April Zack broke his wrist filming for his Proto Reincarnate part, for most two pins and plate in your wrist would set you back for some time but after a long recovery, Zack is back and better than ever. This video is full of bangers and some of the most gnarly technical clips I have ever seen. Zack is on a never-ending mission to film the best street scootering possible and this video definitely shows that. Rumor has it he is already filming for another part. With Badger and Parrish Isaacs behind the lens for a majority of this edit you know it looks good too! So sit back, relax and enjoy some scootering from Zack Martin. After youêre done here make sure you go and pick up a sheet of his Hella Grip OG Sloth Series grip tape HERE