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What The Heck Is That!? - The Vault Zine Issue 5

February 24, 2017 • by Shelby Grimnes

We are going to start including content from previous issues of The Vault Zine on our blog. If you like what you read make sure you pick up a copy of the latest issue so we can keep making rad stuff! 

What The Heck

By: Sean Cardwell

​WHAT THE HECK ARE THE IHC TO HIC CONVERSION KITS?! If you are running an IHC fork right now you should be aware you can only run standard inner diameter bars. Now some bars may only be available in an oversized version. CRAP! Now you gotta pick new bars right? WRONG! With the Apex IHC to HIC conversion kit you can use oversized bars on any IHC fork. Simply pull the original shim off your fork and the conversion shim will take its place. Don’t forget if you are switching from standard to oversized bars you may need to purchase an oversized clamp as well. You can purchase the whole kit and get both the shim and high quality Apex double clamp. If you already have an oversized clamp, just purchase the shim and you are ready to run your oversized inner diameter bars on any IHC fork.

WHAT THE HECK IS A BAR SLEEVE?! A bar sleeve is used for bars that have slits installed but you want to use an SCS clamp. Many bars come with slits pre installed or you may have a slit from your old compression system like IHC or HIC. You can simply cut the slit off your bars but depending on how big your slit is and how big your scs is, your bars might end up being .5”-2” shorter. No beuno! The bar sleeve is hammered into the bottom of you bar and prevents the it from pinching together under the pressure of your SCS clamp. Using a bar sleeve you don’t have to cut the height of your bars at all. This will result in your bars being 1.5”-2” taller than before and be much cheaper than buying a whole new set! 

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