*warning adult themes and content. Not recommended for viewers under 18*


Kostya Kozlov sig deck has been out for about a month and has been a popular choice for those looking for wide decks. 7” wide to be specific. Yeah, that’s WIDE. Don’t stress though, the Goat Deck is available in three different widths: 5.8”, 6.25”, and 7”




Before watching the video:


The bio in the video says Kostya spent 2021 working on this promo and even tore his ACL while out filming. The bio goes on to say “Facing the hardest year of his life Kostya battled through his knee injury, founded GOAT corp with his homies, & discovered a new passion for riding again with the support of true friendship.” So stoked that Kostya could reignite his love of this crazy thing we all do and drop this promo part with this mindset.


let’s click play: my thoughts while watching for the first time below the embedded video.



The intro to the video shows how he tore his acl on a solid roof drop. Of course you gotta show that x ray along with it. I honestly can’t believe he tore his ACL on this. Everything looked perfect and should have just been a solid clip added to the project. But when life gives ya lemons you gotta make lemonade.


Kastya throws in a couple quotes about the injury which adds a nice personal touch.


The song cues up and it's right up my alley. Ominous church singing with bloc spots being destroyed. Such a cool tone set in the first few seconds. I was expecting at least a minute of this but then the vibe instantly changes with a russian rap song. I wasn’t bummed for long; Kostya starts going off! Half cab finger into a bank and a roof drop. After seeing how he tore his ACL I gotta wonder which clip came first. If this was after major props for not shying away from hefty drops. Kostya then destroys ledge after ledge with some tech godliness. Back 5050 on a curved ledge to soft 180 double barspin out at 1:37 was a highlight for me. This promo also sprinkled in clips from the aforementioned GOAT corp and they do not disappoint. 2:27 has a x-up feeble on an outledge to drop that has me weak. The second angle was filmed so well. Kostya drops another hammer at 3:02 with a fs bluntslide double barspin out.


The banger is actually a homie clip that I don't even want to disrespect by merely typing it out. It was well deserved but odd to see in a signature deck promo. If we take a step back and look at Kostya’s situation we realize that conventional thinking is what makes it unexpected. It’s a sig deck promo but a solid chunk of the video and even the banger goes to the homies. We have to remember that this promo also serves to represent the GOAT corp they formed through Kostya’s struggle. I was going to write more on this but Kostya said it best as the video was ending. I’ll leave the rest to him.


“Despite the torn ligament, I tried to make the best of the situation. Riding more with my homies, filming them, and figuring out cool tricks. This video basically shows how I came to start GOAT Corp. This injury proved to be a severe ordeal. This year turned out to be very hard and challenging, but because of that I found out what true friendship means.”


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