Two Great entry-level Complete Pro Scooters | The Vault Pro Scooters

February 23, 2017 • by Shelby Grimnes

Two Great entry-level Complete Pro Scooters | The Vault Pro Scooters

By: Blake Bailor

For those of you brand new freestyle scooter enthusiasts and freestyle scooter

enthusiast parents alike out there in the world today, it’s hard to be able to

recognize top tier quality when you haven’t yet been properly educated on the ins

and outs of all of the different freestyle scooter brands and their many different

products. First and foremost, one of the single most important aspects of the

freestyle scooter industry that you will want to educate yourselves on is the

complete pro scooter. Complete pro scooters come in all kinds of different shapes,

sizes, colors and overall brands, which is a large part of why it is so important to be

educated enough to make an informed decision when purchasing your very first

complete pro scooter. Since complete pro scooters are still a fairly new aspect of the

sport of freestyle scooter riding at large, it shouldn’t be too difficult to understand

what to look for in a complete pro scooter before making your final purchasing

decisions. In today’s world, most young freestyle scooter shredders out there are

looking for something extremely light, durable, and naturally, it has to be cool

looking, which essentially means that it has to be available for purchase in a color

that the kids will like. Anyway, we at The Vault Pro Scooters thought that it would be

important to give each and every single one of you a little breakdown of two of our

premium quality complete pro scooters that are perfect for any entry-level freestyle

scooter rider out there.

The Envy Scooters Colt S2 complete pro scooter, along with the Fuzion Z250 complete pro scooter,

have to be two of the most well rounded and respectable entry-level complete pro scooters available on the freestyle scooter market today.

Not only are both of these complete pro scooters extremely lightweight and versatile, but also, on top of that, they just so happen to be two of

the most popular complete pro scooters in the game today. If you want to be

cruising down the street in one of the highest quality complete pro scooters around

than one of these two bad boys is the right choice for you. Along with all of the

excellent design features and premium quality components that these two complete

scooters come equipped with, they are also two of the most affordable complete

scooters available on the market right now. The Fuzion Z250 complete

pro scooter comes in at a grand total of just $109.99, while the Envy Scooters Colt S2

is available at the very affordable price just $159.99. Be sure to check out both of

these awesome complete pro scooters today at The Vault Pro Scooters, and also, be

sure to stay tuned right here at The Vault Pro Scooters blog for more awesome

freestyle scooter industry content such as this article, along with any and all other

future freestyle scooter industry news, content, and updates.



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